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Stevie Nicks, “selfies”, 2011 & 2012.

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I WANT TO HANG THIS FROM THE ROOFTOPS. Why does he not have children already? He would make a great dad.


Ben Youngs of Leicester Tigers

'Lady' was the first piano song I ever wrote. It was a song I never played for anybody. Nobody but Lindsey [Buckingham] had ever heard it.
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give me one more chance…


no one talks about rhod gilbert’s tattoos enough


Rhod’s Work Experience is on BBC Wales next week Wednesday the 17th at 10.40 pm!

First episode: Fisherman!



"Lindsey and I, we were going to fight through it. We were going to make it."


Two tweets in 3 years, the first of which was this, and he has 79.2K Followers.

Sean Lock ladies and gentleman. 

This man…. he is the shit. What a hatrick

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Early days of Buckingham Nicks- Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham